What is CIPS?

The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) was established in the United Kingdom in 1932. It is the world’s largest organisation dedicated to the procurement and supply profession.

CIPS sets the Global Standard in procurement and supply management and is an awarding organisation recognised by regulatory authorities.

CIPS brings together over 200,000 procurement professionals from more than 150 countries.

CIPS offers professional qualifications for procurement and supply professionals at 5 levels, completing which will allow you to become a full member of CIPS (MCIPS).

Benefits of studying CIPS qualification

Having an internationally recognised qualification provides you with opportunities to work abroad for industry’s leading employers

With increasing importance of procurement function within organisations, demand for qualified procurement professionals raises significantly

Candidates with globally recognised CIPS qualification are preferred by recruiters

You get access to the worldwide network of procurement professionals in more than 150 countries

CIPS knowledge allows you to boost your career significantly and helps with solving your daily job questions and issues

Here in BE.PRO we offer Diploma in Procurement and Supply qualification, which is the highest entry level allowing you to step on CIPS qualification route without previous education with CIPS.

Studying Diploma in Procurement and Supply you will:

▪ Learn about the core principles, concepts and practical applications when procuring goods or services

▪ Gain essential knowledge and practical skills in contracting, negotiation, supplier relationships, ethics and asset management

▪ Understand how procurement fits within your organisation and how it can help to shape key future business decisions

Discover our full learning program for Diploma in Procurement and Supply.

Who is it for?

This qualification is essential for anyone planning or building a career in procurement and supply.

It is suitable for procurement and supply specialists working in operational roles or those managing or supervising the procurement and supply function who want to develop their career and work towards MCIPS Chartered Procurement and Supply Professional.

Diploma in Procurement and Supply is equivalent to the first year of university’s Bachelor’s degree.

Typical job titles

▪ Buyer/Senior Buyer

▪ Procurement / Purchasing Executive

▪ Procurement Specialist / Category Manager

▪ Contracting Officer

▪ Supply Chain Analyst

Entry Requirements

This is the highest entry point for diploma qualifications.

A minimum of at least two years of relevant education in procurement / purchasing / logistics / supply or a CIPS Level 3 Advanced Certificate qualification is required.

Alternatively, you will need a minimum of two years of relevant experience in procurement / purchasing / logistics / supply (most commonly used entry route).

What does the course consist of?

8 core learning modules

1 year

English only

Blended learning style

Groups of 5 – 10 students

Diploma course includes 8 core learning modules.

The course lasts for 1 year (from September to July) and requires all students to pass an examination for each learning module. You can enroll at any stage of the course throughout the year (starting with any learning module), so you don’t have to wait until the next course begins.

The course is taught only in English using blended learning style. It is a mix of video lessons, webinars and classroom-based all-day sessions combined with homework and knowledge testing to prepare you for successful completion of the course. Such approach allows students to be flexible when studying CIPS qualification, manage their own time and keep work-study-life balance.

The course is taught in groups of 5 – 10 students maximum, which provides you with the opportunity to widen your professional network, study in a comfortable education environment, be supported by the tutor through an entire course and concentrate on your personal questions and challenges.