BE.PRO is the education centre specialising in procurement and supply chain.

We share the best practice and experience gained in the United Kingdom and adapt it to specific local requirements.

We deliver only quality education at the best price, otherwise, we would not be called procurement professionals!

Our mission and goals

To make quality education in procurement and supply chain available to Ukrainian professionals

To bring procurement minds together to share experience, thoughts and ideas, which will help to overcome existing challenges and business issues

To add value to organisation’s procurement via developing employee’s professional skills

We offer two types of education:


Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS) Qualification

Advantages of Training:

▪ Provides targeted detailed information on a specific topic

▪ Maximum information is delivered in the shortest time (for example, 1-day training)

▪ Number of students is only limited by the size of your procurement department

▪ It is a low cost and quick way to test out our services

Advantages of CIPS Qualification:

▪ You will get extensive knowledge and professional skills in absolutely all procurement-related topics

▪ CIPS Qualification is a British internationally recognised procurement and supply qualification. Having achieved it, you represent the highest level of professionalism in the procurement industry

▪ Qualification is taught only in English, hence you and your team can save money and time taking separate English lessons

Benefits of studying and educating your teams

Pump the knowledge and skill base to reduce cost, deliver improved quality, flexibility and responsiveness to the changes in our fast-moving world

Stay up to date with the latest trends and news of the industry in order to bring best practice into the business

Employees who receive training are more encouraged and confident to do their job better than those who don’t

Investing in employees training and development shows them that they are valued by the employer

Reduce employee turnover and as a result, the cost of recruitment. Employees satisfied with their job are less likely to change workplace

Training and development provide opportunities for exploiting new ideas and innovations